The olive grove is one of the great allies against climate change. For every kilo of greenhouse gases generated during the production of olive oils, the olive tree can fix 10 kilos of these gases in the soil and in the tree itself: a hugely positive balance for the environment.



The olive is the leading crop of organic production in Spain with almost 200,000 hectares in 2016, a farming system that sums to 450,000 hectares throughout Europe. More than 700 companies in Spain produce organic olive oils.



With 2.5 million hectares, the olive tree is the largest humanized forest in Spain. It gives rise to a unique ecosystem, which spatially highlights its diversity of birds that live linked to it.



The olive grove is the most efficient crop in the use of water. Almost 30% of its surface in Spain is irrigated and 95% uses drip irrigation, the most modern and sustainable.

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