Discover the best canned tuna

Discover the best canned tuna

Preserving the flavour of tuna is easy if you put it in a jar with extra virgin olive oil. Liquid gold will preserve all the characteristics of this fish.


Discover yogurt sauce

Discover the most intense yogurt sauce

Yogurt sauce is very soft on its own, but if you add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil you will be able to maximize all the flavor of its ingredients.


Discover grilled vegetables

Discover the tastiest grilled vegetables

With a bit of extra virgin olive oil, your grilled vegetables will be even more crispy. For this, we recommend any sweet olive oil with spicy hints.


Discover Mediterranean crepes

Discover the most Mediterranean crepes

To prevent your crepes from sticking to the pan while you prepare them, we recommend an extra-fruity virgin olive oil. You will get a unique Mediterranean flavour!


Discover the tastiest tuna tartare

Discover the tastiest tuna tartare

To enhance the flavor of your tuna tartar, you just have to season it with extra virgin olive oil before serving it. We recommend you opt for a soft, fruity oil with bitter notes.


Discover olive oil with coffee

Discover olive oil flavored with coffee

To give a different touch to your grilled meats, just add some roasted coffee beans to your extra virgin olive oil and let it macerate for a couple of days, and then use it to grill any kind of meat.


Discover cured cheese with olive oil

Discover cured cheese with another texture

Incorporating a little extra virgin olive oil to your cured cheese will not only accentuate the aroma and flavor of its delicious milk, you will also enhance the creaminess with new textures.


Discover how to dress a salad

Discover how to dress a salad

Do you know how to dress a salad? First pour the salt and your favorite spices, then vinegar or lemon juice and finally the most important thing: a good extra virgin olive oil!


Discover Belgian endives

Belgian Endives

Now that you are visiting
Belgium, try to braised some
Belgian Endives with olive
oil, salt garlic and black pepper,
and enjoy something
healthy and delicious.


Discover Dutch mayonnaise

Dutch mayonnaise

Add a drizzle of olive
oil to the classic Dutch
mayonnaise with vinegar
recipe and savor a
very special taste
A mayonnaise like no other!


Discover English breakfast

English breakfast

English breakfast with a twist:
Add a splash of extra
virgin olive oil over the
baked tomatoes
and mushrooms and enjoy an
English breakfast with a
Mediterranean twist.


Discover Orange juice

Orange juice with a twist

Blend orange juice with
a carrot, a celery stick and
a splash of extra
virgin olive oil and
enjoy a revitalizing juice

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